Commercial Fire Sprinklers

Fire sprinkler systems provide an additional degree of protection for both life and property above smoke and/or other fire detection systems. A correctly designed and installed sprinkler system can detect and control fire at an early stage of development and activate an alarm. Correct operation of the system will rapidly reduce the production rate of heat and smoke, allowing more time for the occupants to escape safely or be rescued.

Commercial fire sprinkler system

Residential Fire Sprinklers

Residential fire sprinkler systems are designed to protect life and property at sites such as retirement and nursing home, care homes, residential homes and houses in multiple occupancy. Over recent years many purpose built student accommodation units have sprung up and many more ‘new build’ units with shared tenancy are under construction adding to the stock of rented property with multiple occupancy.

Residential fire sprinklers

Domestic Fire Sprinklers

It’s still unusual to find a fire sprinkler system installed in the family home, but they are being specified more and more in new build properties. With an eye to controlling a potentially lethal fire and the safe escape of occupants on upper floors, some traditional houses are having domestic sprinklers retrospectively fitted where additional living space is planned.

Domestic fire sprinkler head

Dry Risers

Dry Riser Systems are used to protect industrial and high-rise buildings. FSE provides a full in house dry riser service, not sub-contracted and in accordance with BS5990.

Dry Riser cabinet