Domestic Fire Sprinkler Systems

FSE currently provides fire sprinkler services to some of the UK’s largest warehouses and manufacturing plants. These services also include regular servicing and maintenance of sprinkler pumps to ensure that in a fire situation the sprinkler system performs successfully as designed.

It’s still unusual to find a fire sprinkler system installed in the family home, but they are being specified more and more in new build properties or retrospectively in traditional houses where additional living space is planned.

For domestic sprinkler systems to operate successfully and deal with a fire they must be correctly designed, installed and maintained.

We design, install and commission fire sprinkler system to BS 9251 for all UK domestic and residential applications and our site surveys and quotations are free.

Domestic fire sprinkler installation

From the moment our designers receive your drawings or plans, we can discuss your individual requirements. Quite often we find it is the local building inspector that insists on the installation of a domestic sprinkler. Our team has a wealth of experience working alongside building inspectors to produce successful solutions. Furthermore, we have a good working knowledge of what is required to get a customer’s installation through to a compliance stage.

Our team and installers (we do not use sub-contractors) work to the highest standards ensuring that our customers are satisfied, not only during installation but through to completion.

Our engineers keep everything to the minimum of fuss and mess, quite often very important factors in a domestic situation which is appreciated by our customers.

Interested in Domestic Sprinkler Systems?

Please contact our customer services team for a free site survey or more information on 0115 981 2624

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Commercial fire sprinkler installation
Residential fire sprinkler installation

The Benefits of Choosing FSE

FSE Sprinklers and Risers have a wealth of experience that allows them to offer a consistent high quality of service for all of their clients. Below are a few benefits you can expect when choosing to work with FSE.

High Quality & Experience

FSE Sprinklers & Risers offer unrivalled service and experience gathered over the last 34 years in the fire safety industry. Our engineers are industry trained as well as recognising the importance of taking care on installations and leaving the site in a clean and tidy condition.


Industry Approved

FSE are industry approved to ensure the highest standards of professionalism from the initial enquiry to signing off the installation or maintenance certificate.


Competitive Pricing

Our team only work within BS 9251:2005 standards, but we are able to maintain very competitive prices to our customers through buying spares and other materials in bulk and paying our suppliers promptly.