Commercial Fire Sprinklers

FSE currently provides fire sprinkler services to some of the UK’s largest warehouses and manufacturing plants. These services also include regular servicing and maintenance of sprinkler pumps to ensure that in a fire situation the sprinkler system performs successfully as designed.

Weekly Fire Pump and Alarm Testing

Commercial fire sprinkler systems are designed to protect life and property. In order to make sure they are working correctly and to comply with the British Standards and your insurance requirements the sprinkler fire pump engine, and any reserves you have, should be started and turned over every week.

At the same time, it is your responsibility to make sure that the sprinklers are maintained regularly and kept in good repair so that they work efficiently should the need arise.

24-Hour Emergency Call Out Service

Should you need us, a trained FSE engineer is on hand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure your sprinkler systems are working properly and fit the national accreditation standards.

Sprinkler System Service and Maintenance

The requirements of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 state:

‘Where necessary in order to safeguard the safety of relevant persons the responsible person must ensure that the premises and any facilities, equipment and devices provided in respect of the premises under this Order… are subject to a suitable system of maintenance and are maintained in an efficient state, in efficient working order and in good repair.’

FSE maintenance plans fulfil the statutory requirements and are competitively priced without compromising safety or accreditation standards. All FSE qualified engineers are able to give you further advice about the best way to keep your sprinkler systems in tip-top condition all year round.

Commercial Fire sprinkler system

Existing System Remedial Works

All minor small commercial works are surveyed in accordance with BS EN 12845 : 2004. Our trained engineers carry out works with the minimum amount of disruption possible.

FSE can carry out extensions to existing systems, refit or refresh additional works due to changes in internal layouts and can isolate, drain down and refill systems with the landlord or building owner’s approval.

Our mechanical engineering team combine industry best practise and an exceptional level of service in delivering small works projects or alterations of existing systems. All works are priced competitively to ensure FSE not only deliver exceptional unrivalled service but also to ensure compliance is maintained for our customers.

Installation of Commercial Sprinkler Systems

Our team of highly skilled engineers are able to install commercial sprinkler systems into a wide variety of commercial properties such as factories, restaurants, warehouses and even supermarkets.

Flow Switch Testing

Flow switch testing should be conducted every three months in accordance with BS EN 12845 : 2004 certification standards. A flow switch is used to monitor the flow of different types of substances – usually air or water. It senses different pressure generated from different flows.

A flow switch, in the case of a sprinkler system, will send a signal back to the main building fire alarm to indicate the system is working and there is the correct flow of water around the system. If a flow switch is not working properly, adjustments might need to be made. The flow switch should be replaced every five years or 100,000 cycles, whichever comes first.

Service of Sprinkler Pumps

LBPC rules for automatic sprinkler installations 2009:

All commercial sprinkler systems should be serviced to BS EN 12845 standards. This generally consists of one major visit and one minor visit per year. Our team are happy to help provide information in relation to your legal requirements.

Industrial fire sprinkler system

High quality work by highly trained engineers

All proposed works are surveyed before installation work commences. All commercial works are carried out in accordance with BS EN 12845:2004.

FSE only recruit engineers with a number of years of industry experience and ensure that they have the necessary qualifications to operate to the high standards required by FSE’s clients. Furthermore, the company invests continually in personnel to ensure overall that it meets customer’s expectations.

Fully trained engineers

How the system works

A sprinkler system is a network of fixed water pipe supplied by one of two water sources with sprinkler heads fitted at specific distances apart.

Sprinkler System & Water Supply

A sprinkler system is a network of fixed water pipe supplied by one of two water sources with sprinkler heads fitted at specific distances apart. Water can be supplied via mains feed or from a tank on site with pump assisted gravity feed. Each system of water supply is designed to pressurise the distribution pipe network.


All areas of the building to be protected are covered by a grid of pipes with sprinkler heads fitted into them at predetermined intervals. Water from a tank via pumps or from the town’s main (subject to incoming water pressure and flow) is delivered into the system. Sprinkler heads can be placed in enclosed roof spaces and into floor ducts where fires can start unnoticed. In a large warehouse they may be placed within storage racks as well as the roof.

At the point where the water enters the sprinkler system there is a valve. This valve should be serviced every six months, with rubber seals changed on an annual basis. The FSE engineering team have a great deal of experience and knowledge regarding valve sets.


Only Activated When Needed

Detector heads are nozzles that direct a stream of water onto a deflector plate which diffuses water over a given area. A glass bulb which breaks at a specific temperature point holds back the water until called upon.

Targeted Water Dispersion

Each sprinkler head operates when it reaches a predetermined operating temperature. Only sprinkler heads in the immediate area of the fire open – all other heads remain closed. This ensures water is delivered to the hottest point and reduces the amount of water required.


Required Weekly Testing

Each week a bell test should be carried out by a competent person to ensure that there is water flowing in the system. As the bell is powered by the flowing water the sprinkler system both controls the fire and gives an alarm warning without the use of electricity.

FSE can offer systems designed to BS EN 12845 and BS 9281 as well as Safe Contractor accreditation.

The company has, over the years, been involved in some challenging projects from colleges and schools to large manufacturing plants. FSE works with some of the UK’s leading national companies and manufacturers, installing and servicing effective sprinkler systems across the country.

In summary sprinklers save lives, buildings, stock, assets and jobs. They also prevent the accidental release of carbon gasses into the environment by reducing fires.

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